David Fleshler, Chair, Global Cleveland Board of Directors and Associate Provost for International Affairs, Case Western Reserve University

 As many of you may know, the Board of Directors of Global Cleveland has accepted the resignation of our president, Joy Roller. As we examine our focus and structure, we have agreed with Joy that she will best be able to assist Global Cleveland as a consultant working on these issues. We would like to thank Joy for her passion, dedication, and hard work on behalf of Global Cleveland as our president. We look forward to Joy’s continuing counsel in her new role. Moving forward, we have named Richard Konisiewicz, Director of Development and Community Outreach, as interim director. 


In order to assure that we have experienced day-to-day leadership in this period of transition, we have named an Interim Management Committee to work with Richard.  In addition to me, the committee is made up of the following persons: Tom Adler (Senior Advisor, Playhouse Square Real Estate Services); Baiju Shah (President, BioMotiv LLC and former GC Board Chair); Marsha Mockabee (President, Urban League of Greater Cleveland); and, Radhika Reddy (Founding Partner, Ariel Ventures).  I thank each of these Board Members for their willingness to serve Global Cleveland and the community at this important time for the organization.

These next few months will be an exciting time for Global Cleveland. The Board joins many in our community as we look toward Global Cleveland’s renewed leadership on issues of vital importance to the future of Greater Cleveland.  As part of our continuing effort to assure that we are building a global, dynamic and inclusive community, with widespread economic opportunity, we are working closely with the Center for Population Dynamics (CPD) at Cleveland State University.  Based on CPD’s research, we know that Global Cleveland’s work is having an impact.  As one example – understanding that Global Cleveland is one of many organizations and reasons for this success – Greater Cleveland is 5th in the country in the percent of immigrants with an advanced or professional degree.   In future communications, we will talk much more about our work with the Center for Population Dynamics.

Finally, I am very grateful to the professional staff, who continue to work with energy, dedication and creativity to advance the mission of Global Cleveland.  Our staff plays an important part in welcoming, attracting, and connecting immigrants and others to our community.   To learn more about upcoming events – and see the exciting advances in Cleveland – click here

 I invite you learn more about Global Cleveland by going to our website or calling us at (216) 472-3282.  We are excited about the future of Global Cleveland and we look forward to working together to enhance the already upbeat future of our community.