I was born and raised and Buenos Aires, Argentina. My family’s heritage is Eastern European on my father’s side, and Turkish on my mother’s side of the family. I was brought up observing the Jewish traditions.

I grew up surrounded by lots of family members and friends. Buenos is a big city, with more than ten million people, so there was always something exciting to do. I went to a public school system and I did my high school years in a Jewish day school. I attended to the public university system where I got my degree as a Graphic Designer. After earning my degree, I worked full time and as a freelancer for many years.

I randomly reconnected online with high school sweet heart, who is also Argentinean and Jewish and has been in Cleveland since 2002. I moved to Cleveland in 2008, and we got married in 2009.

Upon arrival, I immediately fell in love with the city, the culture, became a Cavaliers fan (go Cavs!), and was amazed at the kindness and support I got in the process of adapting myself to living in a new place. I was, and still am, very lucky to be surrounded by such nice people. Once I established myself personally and professionally in Northeast Ohio, I never looked back.

As an immigrant, my accent was kind of challenging in the beginning, and so was to make new friends. But things got better, and I love being a Clevelander. A VERY proud one.

“I am the owner of Mariana Edelman Photography & Design. As a photographer, I mainly specialize in Wedding and Bar/Bat Mitzvah photography. I also do Corporate photography and family events. As a graphic designer, I focus in branding, editorial and corporate. I really love what I do. You can see my work at www.marianaedelman.com.

In 2015, we became parents of twin girls, and are now in the process of raising children with American, Hispanic and Jewish cultures. We love continuing of family traditions of celebrating the Jewish High Holidays and Passover. And I get to celebrate Mother’s Day twice! One in May, and one in October!

Some of my favorite things to do in Cleveland are taking the twins to Preston’s Hope, visiting Legacy Village, which I love thinking as of a huge doll house, and walking by Chagrin Falls. I totally love living in a place where nature and urban blend so well. 

Landing in a new city knowing few to none people could be very scaring, and having an organization such as Global Cleveland can be very resourceful to contribute to a new beginning and to get the much needed support. I think Cleveland has a very welcoming community. Don’t be scared to knock on a few doors and introduce yourself. You will get surprised by people’s kindness and support.