As a valued member of our community, we want to provide an update for you on the families who are arriving in Cleveland from Afghanistan, not only because the community-wide support of these refugees is as inspiring as it is impressive, but because their presence here will enrich our city, our workforce, and our culture for years to come.

This past August when crisis erupted in Afghanistan, Global Cleveland quickly launched into action to provide resources and work collaboratively with organizations and individuals who are as passionate as we are about embracing immigrants and refugees. We communicated in a transparent and thoughtful way that our sisters and brothers from Afghanistan were absolutely welcome in Northeast Ohio. We also organized an effort to direct donations to six organizations directly serving these women and men from Afghanistan, including ASIA Ohio, Building Hope In The City, Catholic Charities Migration and Refugee Services, the USCRI, Us Together CLE, and Refugee Response. And when we were asked by Catholic Charities and Refugee Response to support the formation of an emergency legal clinic where Afghan people living in our community could apply for Humanitarian Parole Visas for their loved ones trapped in Afghanistan, Global Cleveland’s network helped gather the finances, materials, and talent necessary to pull off this collaborative operation in 72 hours.

Global Cleveland raised over $75,000 to support the legal clinic. Thanks to the hospitality of Urban Community School, we had a space to host teams of volunteers and Afghan individuals seeking help for their loved ones. With the help of our Board of Directors, we also recruited an incredible team of lawyers, who graciously volunteered their time to assist with hundreds of complicated Visa applications. To ensure that the WIFI at the clinic could support this work, the Cleveland Public Library, led by Felton Thomas and CMSD, led by Eric Gordon, provided us with hotspots and crucial technical assistance throughout the day. Together, we helped hundreds. Continuing this collaboration, we can help thousands more. This is Global Cleveland’s mission, and this is what we will do.

While the crisis in Afghanistan is no longer front-page news, the work is far from over. Global Cleveland is working with lawyers to advocate for the men and women who are still making their journey out of Afghanistan. We’re collaborating with communities and cities to find housing and jobs for those who are arriving now and over the next year. And we’re helping compassionate community members host donations drives to ensure that our sisters and brothers have everything they need to call Cleveland home. We’re also connecting volunteers to the organizations who are directly serving the people from Afghanistan. We continue to work with these outstanding organizations, and with you, so that every newcomer who makes their way to Cleveland is successfully integrated into the workforce and community.

Global Cleveland, now in its 10th year, is proud to support and advocate for immigrants and refugees, in addition to our fellow immigrant-assisting organizations. We’re especially proud to help solidify the reality that Northeast Ohio is a welcoming region that supports those in need, no matter their place of origin – and we will continue doing so with our partners and community by our side. Thank you for helping us strengthen our city by welcoming our world.

How To Help Refugees Coming To Cleveland

At Global Cleveland, we know that many people in Cleveland are distressed and concerned by the developing situation in Afghanistan and want to help. Below is a list of organizations who are working directly to assist Afghan people coming to the United States and Northeast Ohio.

Primary Resettlement Organizations

These organizations in charge of resettling refugees in our area. They connect refugees to housing, jobs, and the resources that people need when they first arrive and provide ongoing support for several months. Afghans arriving in Cleveland will be coming through these 3 organizations. Below are links to their websites, contact information and a list of reported needs. Contact them by phone or using their websites if you think you can assist with any organization needs listed below.

Catholic Charities Migration and Refugee Services  Phone: (216) 939-3737

USCRI – Cleveland  Phone: (216) 781-4560 Email: [email protected]

US Together  Phone: (216) 456-9630

Primary Organization Needs

  • Volunteers
    • All three organizations need volunteers who can transport individuals and families to housing, from the airport, to do essential shopping at the store, or other necessary appointments. If you wish to volunteer services reach out to the above orgs.
    • Individuals and families coming will need legal help both before and after they arrive. If you are an immigration attorney, or any kind of attorney, please offer your services to the above organizations.
  • Housing
    • All three organizations need connections to provide housing. If you are a landlord or even own an Airbnb please reach out to the above orgs. If you know a landlord who may want to help, please share this information with them.
  • Jobs
    • Refugees need employment to successfully integrate. If you are a company or a business who is willing to hire refugees, please contact the above organizations.
  • Donations
    • All these organizations need donations of items like school supplies, winter clothing, and household items. Please call or contact each org to see what they need most.

Secondary Support Organizations

We would also like to highlight our secondary support organizations, ASIA Inc., Building Hope in the City, and Refugee Response. These organizations continue to provide support to individuals and families that have been resettled after they are no longer supported by the primary organizations. These orgs provide a large variety of services including, but not limited to legal aid, food assistance, and healthcare.

ASIA Inc Phone: 216-881-0330(Cleveland Office)

Building Hope in the City Phone: 216-281-4673 Email: [email protected]

The Refugee Response Phone: (216) 236-3877 Email: [email protected]


  • Volunteers
    • All three secondary orgs need volunteers to facilitate programming and community efforts.
  • Please check their websites for further ways to get involved.

Resources For Afghan Refugees

The Afghan Resource Center offers practical information and resources for newly arriving Afghans to the USA. Find information in English, Dari, or Pashto on services and benefits, immigration, jobs, daily life, American culture, U.S. laws, money, health, and education. Use our FindHello app to connect to local services in cities across the country. Find help for every status including Special Immigrant Visa (SIV), refugees, and people with humanitarian parole.

Afghan Resource Center