This summer, I had the incredible honor of serving as a research associate at Global Cleveland. I couldn’t be more grateful to have had the chance.

Over the course of a quick three months, this job opened my eyes to a number of the region’s individuals and organizations that had previously been unknown to me (take the Ukrainian Museum-Archives, for instance).

In addition to other responsibilities, I assisted in producing Global Cleveland’s Immigrant Heritage Year series, in which a different Cleveland-area immigrant is featured each day. The wide-ranging contributions made by so many members of Northeast Ohio’s international community are nothing short of astounding.

Cleveland is a city of welcoming, and each and every day, the experts at Global Cleveland do just that. They enthusiastically attract and welcome global newcomers to this fair city.

While the staff often works behind the scenes, the effects of said work are constantly observed, particularly in the form of new, international neighbors. When Cleveland’s international community is strong, we all benefit.

For the good of this region, the efforts made by Global Cleveland are efforts that should continue for years to come.