The volunteers of Computers Assisting People (CAP) were happy to donate 30 PCs to International Newcomers Academy at Thomas Jefferson. Since the mid-90’s, CAP volunteers have donated almost 20,000 PCs (and countless printers, routers, scanners, etc.) to almost 500 Cleveland non-profits and schools.

CAP realizes that the information technology age has divided the world into two separate classes – the technology “haves” and “have-nots” aka the Digital Divide. Information is power and computer technology is the means to acquiring that information and hence, that power. Employment opportunities and even everyday life are dependent on computers.

The mission of CAP Inc. is to reach those elements of society that may not have the opportunity to benefit from the technology that many of us take for granted. Thus we have focused on assisting the urban poor, senior citizens, shelters, children, schools, the disabled, returning felons, veterans and similar groups that can really be empowered by technology. And we have the success stories to prove it. For more information visit

From Thomas Jefferson International Newcomers Academy:

We are very grateful for the generous donation of 30 computers made by Dan Hanson and the volunteers of Computers Assisting People, Inc. This has been a great benefit for our international newcomer students. Our student body grows so quickly throughout the year and our computer labs tend to be booked regularly for standardized testing. The donation has made it possible for our middle school and high school students to have the ability to access computers in their classrooms daily for learning purposes. With the extreme need for our students to acquire 21st century skills, access to technology is imperative. Our students and staff greatly appreciate this new partnership!

We have found that many types of connections with the community have been essential to the success of our school. We are extremely grateful, but not only for donations of technology, school supplies and much needed uniforms. Just as important, have been the human connections that have been made. We are so lucky to have wonderful adult volunteers for tutoring, mentoring, and career information sharing; as well as other students from Cleveland area schools (such as Hawken, Bay Village H.S., St. Joseph Academy, etc.) who have built friendships and shared wonderful opportunities speaking English and engaging with our newcomer refugee and immigrant students.

So far, Cleveland has demonstrated itself to be an extremely welcoming city to our newcomers!


Written By: Dan Hanson (Computers Assisting People) and Maria Bozak (Thomas Jefferson)