This Thanksgiving, I am extremely thankful for our community. I am thankful for the people who make our lives better, more fulfilled, and more worth living: our international newcomers. I am also thankful for being a part of an organization like Global Cleveland that’s committed to serving and supporting all those that come to Cleveland in hopes of a better life. Whether they are forced to leave their war torn countries and start over with empty pockets and nothing but the clothes on their back; or they choose to leave behind their families and friends to study abroad,  it is not only my job, but our job to welcome them and to be thankful that they are here.

Global Cleveland is committed to making our community more welcoming for our international newcomers. From mentoring our international students and preparing them for careers in Cleveland, to assisting companies looking to fill their ranks with the best and brightest;  we are thankful for our international talent. Global Cleveland is helping to create an environment where our refugees feel empowered, and a key part of our city’s resilience. We are connecting secondary migrants to all that our community has to offer, and awakening the latent ties to our heritage across the globe. We are making it known that we make make our community better by welcoming the world.

This Thanksgiving be thankful for all you have and be mindful of those who have not. Next week on Giving Tuesday we ask that you help us, help our international newcomers by making a donation to Global Cleveland. No gift is too big, and no donation is too small to make a difference.


Thank you in advance for your support and have a Happy Thanksgiving! 

Joe Cimperman