SkillUp is an innovative service being offered by Cuyahoga County that assists employers with identifying skilled jobs and training pathways to help employees acquire the necessary skills for the business’s open positions. SkillUp ensures businesses have a steady stream of skilled workers and provides businesses the opportunities and resources necessary to train new employees, existing employees and workers provided by temporary staffing agencies.

SkillUp works with individual employers to help them identify the technical skills needed. SkillUp’s talent advisors then work with the employers to develop customized, structured training plans to help develop those identified skills. The employer pays wages and pays to train the worker, and the SkillUp program reimburses the employer for approved training-related expenses.

SkillUp helps ensure that businesses always have skilled workers and allows employers to offer their employees the training necessary for advancement. This allows the business to control the quality of skilled talent while also improving business performance and access to diverse talent pools and quality training programs.

By helping local employers, the SkillUp service also helps County residents. Many residents would like to move up at their company, but either can’t afford the training or cannot take the time away from their current job to receive training. By helping businesses provide training to their employees, SkillUp is helping residents reach the next level by providing them with the necessary skills, which allows them to obtain a better-paying job.

SkillUp creates more job opportunities for residents. Through SkillUp, more people will be trained and advance in their respective careers, which may open up more entry-level jobs at the same time. SkillUp also helps employers access new sources of talent, including traditionally underrepresented populations and residents who are enrolled in training and workforce programs.

SkillUp is a major step forward in how County Executive Armond Budish is supporting his primary workforce goals, which are: Providing a workforce pipeline that delivers a sufficient and steady supply of qualified candidates at all skill levels to keep jobs filled; helping residents with employment barriers become skilled workers pursuing career and wage pathways; and creating a more connected and aligned workforce and human services.

Employers who are interested in learning more can find additional information here and should contact the Cuyahoga County SkillUp team at (216) 443-6930.

For inquiries on how Global Cleveland partners with SkillUp and additional support for employers looking to hire or train immigrant workers, please contact [email protected] or 216 472 3282.