To Reunion

Reunion is the greatest power and attribute of love. The great Jesuit Pierre Tielhard de Chardin once said, “Everything in the universe everything is programmed and destined to come back to one.” We have seen this challenged and affirmed in extreme measures these past weeks. The cries of children separated from their families on the … Continued Read More

Putting the “I” in the CIFF

                                           The 42nd Cleveland International Film Festival ran this year from April 4 – 15. During that time, more than 105,000 enthusiastic attendees made their way to Tower City Cinemas to see what the fuss … Continued Read More

A Drift, A Dream Exhibition

  The A drift, a dream exhibition began with an intersection in a courtyard at my high school reunion with Stacy Zitek, who was a person I started talking with about my further interest in working and engaging International visiting artists with young people in Cleveland Public Schools. Stacy teaches at Thomas Jefferson Newcomers Academy … Continued Read More

Listening to New Americans

Ohio has a rich history of immigrants settling in the state. Their contributions helped build the state’s industrial and commercial strength. Today, new immigrants that call Ohio “home” can be part of our continued economic strength. Ohio’s Office of Opportunities for New Americans and Global Cleveland invite you to participate in a discussion to identify … Continued Read More

Get Out: Everything You Should Be Doing in Cleveland This Weekend (May 9-15)

Park Synagogue’s 25th annual University Day May 9

Station Hope to celebrate city’s social justice history: St. John Episcopal Church was a stop on Underground Railroad here

Immigrant Representation Matters Too

Northeast Ohio embraces immigrants in new economy

We are grateful to these supporters who have helped Global Cleveland become a reality