Throughout October public forums discussing “What it means to be a global welcoming community” have been held across Cleveland. Hosted by Global Cleveland, the City’s Community Relations Board and Cleveland City Council, the conversations are designed to address questions and concerns from the community about newcomers, both foreign and domestic, arriving to live in Cleveland. 

Through panel discussions with immigrants and refugees, each conversation has unearthed how Cleveland residents view the importance and challenge of attracting and welcoming new people into the city. Access to jobs is a common concern in the conversations. Rather than taking opportunities from current residents, panelists have responded that immigrants and newcomers more commonly create jobs, or take jobs that native residents don’t want. 

Phase II of the community conversations will take place in November when representatives from each of the city’s five police districts hammer out real policy and program recommendations.  Global Cleveland will compile these recommendations and submit them to Mayor Jackson and the Board of Global Cleveland for consideration and implementation.  One point of agreement thus far is that increasing Cleveland’s population to 400,000 or more is imminently important for the city to regain resources from the federal government. 

To have your voice heard in these conversations please contact Angela Woodson at [email protected]