Global Cleveland proudly celebrates Immigrant Heritage Year #IHYCLE18, an effort to gather and share inspirational stories of global diversity in Cleveland. Everyday we spotlight a different member of our local international community encouraging us all to celebrate our immigrant heritage as a source of pride.

Cleveland is a place where people come to dream and thrive. It’s a place where we embrace your uniqueness, admire your journey and celebrate your cultural heritage. As we all know, this city’s greatness is fueled by its diversity, and together we can show the world how welcoming Cleveland is and how much we appreciate those who have come here.

If you are an international student, visitor, or someone who has moved to Cleveland from another country, regardless of your current immigration status please help us by sharing your personal story. If there is someone that you know, or someone that you would like to see featured, please email to submit a story or receive a questionnaire. All submissions must be accompanied with a picture.


We are grateful to these supporters who have helped Global Cleveland become a reality