Who are Global Cleveland Professional Connection volunteers?

Global Cleveland Professional Connection volunteers are professionals working in Greater Cleveland area, from a variety of industries and with unique backgrounds. Their rich experience and thoughtful insight in their industries are the core asset to this program.


  How does this program work?

When an international job seeker (immigrant, refugee and/or international student) requests professional connection service, they will be paired with professional connection volunteer(s) based on similar professional backgrounds and interests. Based on your request, our volunteers will help you with your resume, cover letter, polish your job search skills, and help connect you to their professional network. The right person can really make a world of difference in finding a job in Cleveland.


  What should you expect from a GC Professional Connection volunteer?

  • Meet a professional from the field/industries you are interested in
  • Learn about his/her experience and how they got into the industry
  • Get suggestions/advice on your resume
  • Practice mock interview
  • Ask questions on the things you’re uncertain about
  • An ongoing professional relationship if you continuously FOLLOW UP! (How do I follow up?)


DO NOT ask for a job! They are not the person who can make you a job offer; they are there to be part of your professional network, learn more about what you are looking for, and help you to find more people to meet and eventually become employed. Professional connection volunteers do not have the obligation to send your information out, or to contact anyone else on your behalf.


  How should you introduce yourself to a Professional Connection volunteer?

• Send an email or ask for a quick phone call to find time that works for both of you to meet.

• Take the time to introduce yourself and get to know your connection, this helps find things in common and ways to connect over interests and potential work or projects.

• Don’t just talk about yourself or behave like an interviewee, listen and react to the conversation as if you are meeting a new friend.


  What do I do if I don’t hear back from my connection?

• Follow up via email and ask for a quick phone call. Or if you decide to call directly, be considerate and ask when a good time to talk might be.

• Follow up using different communication tools (phone, email) and if you don’t hear back within a week, contact GC and we’ll connect you to someone else who is available.


To request this service: click here.

Questions? Email Supriya@globalcleveland.org

We are grateful to these supporters who have helped Global Cleveland become a reality