Word-of-mouth communication is the most important tool in attracting more newcomers to Cleveland. If someone hears good news about Greater Cleveland’s lifestyle and job opportunities from their friends and family, they are more likely to move here. That’s why Global Cleveland is hosting a series of meetings with representatives of the area’s international communities. The goal is for them to tell their friends and relatives living in the United States and abroad about the open positions and other opportunities in Greater Cleveland.


On July 14th Global Cleveland staff met with Gary Kotlarsic, Eugene Bak, Ben Stefanski and Genia Stolarczyk, representatives of Cleveland’s Polish Community. Discussion focused on the barriers Poles encounter when attempting to move to Cleveland. One major problem for Poles, unlike other Europeans, is the U.S. government’s requirement that they obtain a visa before entering the United States. This results in Polish immigrants selecting European countries as their first choice of migration rather than the U.S.

Despite visa and other immigration restrictions, the Polish representatives and Global Cleveland staff identified ways to help attract more Poles to Greater Cleveland. One idea is to ask Cleveland-area Polish professionals working in hospitals and universities to assist in the invitation and sponsorship of professionals in Poland to come to work in the Cleveland area.

Global Cleveland will be meeting with other international communities to create more word-of-mouth communication between Cleveland-area residents and their friends and family within the U. S. and abroad. If your group is interested in participating in our Ethnic Community Meetings please contact Angela Woodson: [email protected].