Global Cleveland Talent Connection LinkedIn Group

Global Cleveland hosts the Global Cleveland Talent Connection LinkedIn Group, a LinkedIn platform for employers in the Greater Cleveland area and job seekers to network.

In this group, members can share articles, post current job openings, start discussions, or engage in conversations about a variety of topics with prospective new hires.

For employers, Global Cleveland’s linkedIn group can be a great place to connect to talent you need. And for current and future job seekers, this group offers the opportunity to get connected to employment opportunities, as well as resources to assist in settling in to Northeast Ohio.

Membership is Growing!

By the start of 2017, we have over 5,100 members in the Global Cleveland Talent Connection Group and the number continues to grow. A significant number are from the Greater Cleveland area, with non-Cleveland members hailing predominantly from New York City, Columbus, Chicago, and Pittsburgh.

Currently the largest industries represented include Financial Services, Information Technology, Marketing/Advertising, Human Resources, Non-Profit and Higher Education.

If you have question about posting a job to posting a job to the group, please contact:

We are grateful to these supporters who have helped Global Cleveland become a reality