Building Hope in the City

Building Hope in the City

What Do They Do?

Bible studies, care groups and community development activities and coordination
Mentoring relationships for refugees, immigrants, unemployed adults and youth
English instruction and citizenship test preparation programs
Translation assistance for non-English-speaking people
Tutoring, literacy and GED preparation programs
Employment skills-building and workforce development programs
After-school programs for children and students
Recovery ministries
Health information/awareness ministries
Assistance in times of crisis (food, clothing and cash assistance as it is available)

Organization Statement:

Building Hope in the City is an independent Lutheran organization that seeks to strengthen urban ministry and mission in Northeast Ohio and beyond. Formed in August 2003, Building Hope in the City owes its birth to God’s blessings and grace at Trinity Lutheran Church, a thriving, 157-year-old LCMS congregation located just outside of downtown Cleveland. Since 1992 and under the spiritual direction of Rev. Jeff Johnson, Trinity has grown steadily in size and strength. The desire to share these blessings with other urban congregations drove the formation of Building Hope in the City as a separate mission organization. Today, with a dedicated board, staff and hundreds of volunteers, Building Hope in the City’s efforts stretch from Cleveland to Akron, Fort Wayne and Cincinnati. The organization provides a broad new voice for urban missions and for the importance of God’s People to be present in the city, sharing His Word and their witness to His redeeming love in Christ.
(216) 281-4673
2031 West 30th Street Cleveland, OH 44113

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