Global Cleveland Employer Recognition Program

Global Cleveland Employer Recognition Program is for the businesses that are interested in deepening their partnership with Global Cleveland and reaching out to immigrants and international talent –  can choose to join our Global Cleveland Employer Recognition Program.

Current Partners:

Greater Cleveland Food Bank


Global Cleveland provides international job-seekers with an understanding of the local job search process, as well as resources and professional connections in their field of interest, to guide them through their career development process in Cleveland..

          Let’s Get Started!

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Step1: Create a Clear Picture of Your Goals

Assess your abilities, skills, values, accomplishments, and interests. Do some market research and start understanding which industries and employers you are interested in. What are you looking for, and what would be a good fit for your goals?

Not sure about how to do it? You can visit your university career services office and get help from professional counselors. If you are not a student in the area, contact Cuyahoga Works and set up an appointment with a career counselor!

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Step 2: Create a Professional Resume

Make sure your resume highlights your experiences, education and other unique attributes that you bring to a job. Make sure to proofread!

Ask for help from your university career services office or go over it with a friend before finalizing your resume. Note that resume standards are very different from country to country. If your current resume has a photo on it, it’s probably not U.S. standard!

If you are not a student in the area, Cuyahoga Works provides good resources, and Global Cleveland Professional Connection volunteers can also provide some resume help.

Don’t underestimate the value of your volunteer work, club memberships, etc. Employers like to see this experience and it can show your leadership skills and that you can multi-task by handling school work and other activities at the same time.

Check out the Free Resume Builder and the Free Cover Letter Templates!

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Step 3: Create a LinkedIn Profile

Include information on your resume and then add your skills and connect to your contacts (classmates, professors). How to build an all-star LinkedIn profile.

Join the groups that are of interest to you. LinkedIn groups are great ways to develop your network. You can also show your expertise by participating in group discussions and sharing articles. 

Join Global Cleveland Talent Connection LinkedIn group. We have over 5,000 active members in the group; make sure you check out the job section from time to time.

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Step 4: Join Professional Clubs/Associations

Find the national or regional associations related to your field, and some chapters may have been formed in your school. Professional clubs are great ways for keeping up with industry trends, finding specialized job postings in your field and developing new contacts. Let’s discover professional groups by industry and start networking! Why do I need to network? Read the next step! 🙂

Need more suggestions on networking or informational interview? Click here.

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Step 5: Look for Job Opportunities (This will be the most time-consuming, yet most rewarding phase! Believe in yourself!)

Networking! 75-80% of jobs are found through networking. Networking is NOT asking for a job! 

Work with recruiters. 10-20% of all jobs are found through recruiters.

Respond to job openings. 5-15%of all jobs are found through job postings. 

Contact companies directly. 5-15%of all jobs are found by contacting companies directly.

Click here to read all the details about these most efficient job-search methods! 

How do I find out what companies have sponsored H-1B before?

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Step 6: Prepare for Interviews 

Prepare a 30-second personal commercial or “elevator pitch”. Don’t wait until you get an interview invitation to practice! Find sample questions online and practice your answers. Contact Global Cleveland to meet with a volunteer to practice interviewing!

More Tips and Advice:

Common Job Interview Questions and Best Answers

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Step 7: Go to Interviews

There are countless articles on the internet, sharing tips and suggestions for job-seekers who are going to interviews. Just google it. You might even be able to find out the past interview questions at certain companies. Use the resources in Step 7 to help you prepare.

Special tip for international job-seekers: you want to make yourself an expert on all kinds of visa-related issues! Not all employers would know about CPT, OPT and H-1B, and YOU need to be the one explaining to them. Finding a job is difficult in general, and even more difficult for international job-seekers who will eventually require sponsorship.

Never lead with the question “will you sponsor my H-1B and green card”. Put yourself in the recruiter’s shoes: how would you feel if a candidate you met for the first time just walks in, and asks you for sponsorship before you even know whether he’ll be a good fit? Focus on what your qualifications/skills are, and what you can bring to the company. Also make sure to use all data in your favor if the interviewer has questions about your status.

How do I find out what companies have sponsored H-1B before?

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Step 8: Follow up!

Following up is crucial to maintaining a good relationship. It could be keeping regular conversations with the people you get a business card from, or it could be contacting a recruiter/HR person after an interview. Just like the old saying goes: Rome was not built in a day. A good relationship is not built over one meeting. Without proper following up, people on the other side (especially if they are busy) might think that you don’t value this relationship very much. So,  how to properly follow up?

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Step 9: Let us know how it goes!

Global Cleveland would love to know how your job search goes. Feel free to give us a call, send us an email and let us know all the good (or unfortunate) news! We will be here as your resources, and we will offer you all the support you can. Don’t be a stranger! 🙂

Good luck everyone! We sincerely hope more international talents get to stay in the region!

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