Global Cleveland provides international job-seekers with an understanding of the local job search process, as well as resources and professional connections in their field of interest, to guide them through their career development process in Cleveland.


  Most Effective Job Search Methods: 


75-80% of jobs are found through networking. Networking is NOT asking for a job!

Networking is the ongoing process of growing personal contacts to gain information about careers. The goal is to continually build a network of contacts within your career interests until you uncover employer needs and positions.
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Respond to Job Openings

5-15%of all jobs are found through job postings

In addition to applying for job openings, use them as a research tool to see what types of positions, skills and qualifications are listed in your field. Below are some resources in addition to common job search websites such as Indeed, Monster, Glassdoor.

1. Join Global Cleveland Talent Connection Group

Check out the Global Cleveland Talent Connection LinkedIn Group! This is where you will find all kinds of current jobs posted within the Greater Cleveland area. Join the Global Cleveland Talent Connection LinkedIn Group and have access to Cleveland’s
new job postings.

2. Search Ohio Means Jobs

For the first time, many of the services available at county OhioMeansJobs Centers are also now available online at Whether you’re a student, an adult, a military veteran or an employer looking to hire, the newly expanded
can help.

3. Enroll in NEO Talent Exchange

The Neo talent exchange is a regional job site employing a revolutionary technology that proactively matches prospective interns, co-op prospects and job seekers with local employers. Prospects and employers answer a series of questions that enables
more compatible and productive employment outcomes. Enroll and find your perfect match.


Work with Recruiters

10-20% of all jobs are found through recruiters

Retained recruiters are hired by companies to recruit senior level executives with salaries close to $100k and above.

To find recruiters in your field, click here. Note that, not every recruiter can find every candidate a job, and it’s important to manage your expectations in order to avoid frustration.


Contact Companies Directly

5-15%of all jobs are found by contacting companies directly

Coffee meetings, informational interviews, volunteering and internships are great ways to get to know a prospective employer! Research the companies that work in your field and get networking!

Over 70% of the Fortune 500 companies have a presence in Greater Cleveland and Northeast Ohio, so you can bet there is a diverse range of employers to work for! Greater Cleveland’s economy weighs in at $170 billion and growing. Our strongest, fastest-growing
industries include advanced manufacturing, medical devices & imaging, polymers, and financial & legal services.


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  Tips for Success


Combine the four methods – Schedule your time according to the effectiveness of each method, investing the majority of time in networking activities.

Personalize your contacting – Employers hire people, not resumes or letters. Look for opportunities to meet face to face with hiring managers.

Keep trying – Regardless of the ups and downs, keep going, with a positive attitude, until you have an offer.

Set goals and work full-time – Develop a schedule for job-search, follow it and dedicate your time, keep track of what you do.

Follow up- keep regular conversations with the people you get a business card from! How to follow up?

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International Newcomer Support:

Global Cleveland volunteers are here to help newcomers from around the world find success in Greater Cleveland. Newcomers can access a variety of services to get settled in Cleveland’s neighborhoods, schools, and jobs. Our volunteers are excited about
getting to know you and discovering how they can help you with your transition. Click here to learn more.

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